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We're Hiring

We're looking for a few, dependable individuals to join our team to cover our evening hours. We have shifts available every day from 5-9pm.

Job brief

We are looking for an attentive Laundry Attendant to support the functions of our establishment and the needs of our customers. 

A Laundry Attendant’s responsibilities include assisting customers, wash/drying/ folding laundry as needed. They may also be responsible for the maintenance of laundry equipment and other duties around the facility.

Ultimately, you will play a crucial role in the presentation of the establishment by ensuring all customers and machines are well cared for and maintained.


  • Washing/Drying/Folding laundry

  • Wiping down machines, cleaning / closing procedures

  • Ensuring all facility rules are followed

  • Ensure that the facility remains clean at all times

  • Anticipate and respond to customers’ queries, and concerns

Requirements and skills

  • Proven work experience in a similar role

  • Familiarity with cleaning detergents and laundering equipment

  • Organizational and time management skills

  • Patient demeanor with analytical and problem-solving skills

  • Flexible schedule (can start either 5 or 6pm, at least 3 nights a week)

  • Ability to lift 20-30 lbs

Frequently asked questions

What does a Laundry Attendant do?

A Laundry Attendant sorts, washes and folds laundry as needed by their facility. They also help remove stains from items with appropriate procedures as needed.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Laundry Attendant?

A Laundry Attendant will have various duties depending on where they are working and the type of laundry they receive. In most cases, a Laundry Attendant will be required to sort, fold and work with customers to ensure their laundry needs are met.

What makes a good Laundry Attendant?

A good Laundry Attendant needs to have excellent communication skills since they usually work directly with customers. They also need to have good organizational skills to ensure the right laundry is delivered properly.

Who does a Laundry Attendant work with?

A Laundry Attendant typically works alone to complete various tasks, and they are supervised by a General Manager who oversees the quality of work done throughout their shift.

Ask us questions or apply today. Feel free to stop in or call if you prefer, anytime!

Shifts you are available for. Choose 3 or more. (we can be flexible if you need 6-9pm)
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